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The South Atlantic Shrine Association

Bylaws of the The South Atlantic Shrine Association

Of the
South Atlantic Shrine Association
As adopted September 21, 1974
With Amendments Approved on October 18, 2010
With Amendments Approved on March 23, 2018
With Bylaw amendments Approved on March 25, 2022
ACCA, Richmond, VA KERBELA, Knoxville, TN
ALEE, Savannah, GA KHEDIVE, Chesapeake, VA
ALHAMBRA, Chattanooga, TN KOSAIR, Louisville, KY
AMRAN, Raleigh, NC NEMESIS, Parkersburg, WV
BENI KEDEM, Charleston, WV OASIS, Charlotte, NC
EL HASA, Ashland, KY OLEIKA, Lexington, KY
HEJAZ, Mauldin, SC OMAR, Mt. Pleasant, SC
JAMIL, Columbia, SC RIZPAH, Madisonville, KY
JERICHO, Kingsport, TN SUDAN, New Bern, NC
KAZIM, Roanoke, VA YAARAB, Atlanta, GA

Article I
Name, Objects and Membership

Section 1- This Association shall be known as the South Atlantic Shrine Association and composed of the Nobles located in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia and such other Shrine Temples as shall from time to time be invited to join. Membership in this Association shall be limited to twenty (20) Temples.

Section 2 – The object of this Association shall be to promote cordiality and friendship between the Shriners composing this Association and to provide means for the exchange of ideas.

Section 3 – An invitation to join the Association may be extended by the Association to the requesting Temple at the spring or annual session of the Association. If the requesting Shrine Temple has been chartered by Shriners International, the requesting Temple may be allowed to participate in the Ceremonial functions of the Association but shall not be allowed to vote on any question or participate in any of the legal deliberations of the Association until a legal invitation to join the Association has been made by the Association, accepted by the Shrine Temple and approved by Shriners International and dues paid to the Association.

Article II

Section 1 – The South Atlantic Shrine Association shall meet twice annually, at such time and place as shall have been determined by the Time and Place Committee, or by a vote of most of the members at the previous meeting. The Association shall hold a spring meeting each year and its annual meeting in the autumn months of the year. Business of the Association may be conducted at either meeting.

Section 2 – At every meeting all questions shall be determined by a majority of those present and actually voting, except amendments to these bylaws, as herein provided. The presiding officer shall not vote except in case of a tie, when he shall have the deciding vote.

Section 3 – The Welfare and Advisory Committee and the Representatives of the Association shall meet each year during the months of March or April and at the Fall Annual meeting at the time and place determined by the President.

Section 4 – The President may call special meetings in any emergency at any time and place. When requested by twenty (20) members of the Association, representing at least six (6) Shrine Temples, the President must call a special meeting; written notice of any special meeting shall be given to each Association member Temple, stating the business to be considered at the special meeting.

Section 5 – Twenty-four (24) members representing at least six (6) Shrine Temples shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 6 – Written or email notice of meetings of this Association shall be mailed at least ten (10) days prior to the meetings by the Secretary of the Association to the Recorder of each Shrine Temple.

Article III

Section 1 – The Representatives of the Association shall be composed of Potentates, Chief Rabbans, Assistant Rabbans, Recorders and two additional Representatives to be elected by each member Temple. All elected officers of the Association, all Imperial Officers, and Past Imperial Potentates within the jurisdiction of the Association shall be Representatives at large with all rights and privileges. All Past Presidents of the Association and all Past Potentates shall be Representatives "Ad Vitem" with all rights and privileges. Those who have served as Representatives for ten (10) years and have been elected to Emeritus status by the Association shall be a Representative with all rights and privileges for life.

Section 2 – Any Representative who shall demit from the Shrine, or who is suspended or expelled by any Temple composing this Association or found guilty of a felony or a criminal offense involving moral turpitude, shall cease to be a Representative.

Section 3 – If for any cause a Representative cannot attend any meetings, the Potentate may appoint an alternate Representative to act in his place. The Recorder of the Temple in which the vacancy occurs shall notify the secretary of the Association no later than five (5) days prior to the spring or annual meeting of the appointment.

Section 4 – The Recorder of each Shrine Temple shall within thirty (30) days after election of the Representatives, notify the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association of the names and contact information including, address, email address and telephone information of its Representatives.

Section 5 – Any Representative who shall have been elected by his Temple for 10 years and has attended the sessions to which elected, shall be entitled to the rank and distinction of Emeritus Representative in the South Atlantic Association. The records of his Temple and of this Association shall confirm his election and attendance.

Article IV
Officers, Their Titles, Election, Tenure of Office

Section 1 – The officers of the South Atlantic Shrine Association shall be as follows:


First Vice President

Second Vice President

Third Vice President

Fourth Vice President

Fifth Vice President


All of whom shall be Representatives of this body.

The South Atlantic Shrine Association has adopted a policy for naming of its officers, the following rotation by areas. Beginning with Oleika Temple in 2020, the fifth vice president shall be nominated on a rotating basis by the member Shrine Temples of the South Atlantic Shrine Association by the following regions and by charter date within those regions: Region 1: Hejaz, Jamil, Omar, Alee; Region 2: Oasis, Sudan, Amran, Yaarab; Region 3: Acca, Khedive, Kazim, Jericho; Region 4 – Beni Kedem, Nemesis, Kerbela, Alhambra; Region 5: Oleika, Rizpah, El Hasa, Kosair.

In the event the vacancy occurs at the level of President, the First Vice President of the South Atlantic Shrine Association shall assume office as acting President. This action in no way shall affect the line of succession of the Member Temple and their elected Vice Presidents nor their term as President.

Article V
President’s Duties

Section 1 – The President is the Executive Officer of the Association and shall preside over all stated and special meetings.

Section 2 – When in his judgment and the good of the Association requires a meeting; he shall have the power to call special meetings of the Association, specifying the business to be laid before it.

Section 3 – He may do all such other acts and perform all such other duties, not inconsistent with the bylaws, as, in his judgment, the interest of the Association requires.

Section 4 – The following standing committees, each consisting of the three (3) Representatives of the Association except Time and Place, shall either be appointed by the President or by the office held.

Credentials – The Fifth Vice President shall chair the Credentials Committee and he shall examine and report on the credentials of the Representatives to the membership. This committee shall meet at both the Spring and Fall meeting prior to the Business Meetings.

Finance and Audit – The Third Vice President shall be chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee and this committee shall examine the Books of the Secretary/Treasurer and report at the annual meeting to the Representatives such changes as the Committee may deem to be appropriate and necessary. They shall meet with the incoming President and Officers of the Association to review the Association’s budget as well as the budget for the spring and annual meetings prepared by the incoming President for the approval of the Representatives of the Association. They shall receive from the Director General the complete set of books of the spring and annual meetings within sixty (60) days of the close of the meetings. They shall review same and report their findings at the next meeting of the Association to the Representatives. This committee shall meet at both the Spring and Fall meeting prior to the Business Meetings.

Necrology – The Necrology Committee shall be composed of the Fourth Vice President as Chairman, and he will coordinate the program with the SASA Chaplin and shall provide a fitting memorial service for the deceased Nobles who have entered the unseen Temple since the last annual meeting. This committee shall meet at both the Spring and Fall meeting prior to the Business Meetings.

Time and Place – The Time and Place Committee shall be composed of the First Vice President as Chairman; the Second, Third and Fourth Vice Presidents and the Secretary/Treasurer will serve as the committee. The Secretary/Treasurer shall serve as Secretary of this Committee. This Committee shall present its report in writing to the membership at the next meeting following its considerations, and the membership shall vote on the recommendation of the Committee, and such vote will be binding on the Association for three (3) years, except in cases of extreme emergency, the Welfare and Advisory Committee may change the location on the recommendation of the Time and Place Committee. This committee shall meet at both the Spring and Fall meeting prior to the Business Meetings.

Welfare and Advisory – The welfare and Advisory Committee shall be composed of the Officers and Past Presidents of the Association. The Committee shall meet prior to the spring and annual meetings of the Association. As requested, this Committee shall provide advice and assistance to the Officers of the Association.

Nominating – The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall receive the recommendation of the proper Temple whose turn it is to submit an Officer nomination, subject to an inquiry. The Committee shall investigate and report to the Association on matters referred to them. This committee shall meet at both the Spring and Fall meeting prior to the Business Meetings.

Legal – The Legal Committee shall be composed by the Second Vice President as Chairman and shall review all contracts greater than $1,000, prior to the Association entering same. They shall review all bylaw amendments as presented from time to time. The chairman of the Committee shall appoint a committee member who has a law background to serve as the parliamentarian at all meetings of the Association, in his absence the Second Vice President appoints another member of the Committee to act as parliamentarian. This committee shall meet at both the Spring and Fall meeting prior to the Business Meetings.

Section 5 – The President of the Association shall appoint a Director General for the spring meeting and the annual meeting. The President may also appoint an Assistant Director General for the annual meeting who shall be a member of the Temple in whose jurisdiction the annual meeting is to be held. The appointment of the Assistant Director General shall be made with the approval of the host Shrine.

Article VI
First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Vice President’s Duties

Section 1 – In the event of the death, removal or physical disability of the President, the Vice Presidents shall, with full power, severally and respectively, assume the responsibilities and discharge the duties of their Superior Officers according to rank, until the disqualification is removed. At all times each shall perform the duties appropriate to his respective position.

Article VII
Secretary/Treasurers Duties

Section 1 – The Secretary/Treasurer shall attend all meetings of the Association and keep a true record of all deliberations and transactions and transcribe them in a book or electronic file for that purpose.

Section 2 – He shall collect and receive all revenues and shall deposit the same in a bank or trust account in the name of, and subject to the order of the South Atlantic Shrine Association. He shall pay all invoices authorized by the Association. Basic financial statements of the organization shall be prepared in conformity with general accounting principles, including providing all contracts, invoices, payments, receipts and bank statements.

Section 3 – The Secretary/Treasurer, in cooperation with the Board of Directors of the Association and the Finance and Audit Committee, shall prepare an annual operating budget for the Association and shall present copies to the Welfare and Advisory Committee members prior to the annual meeting of the Association. The Secretary/Treasurer shall present a copy of the adopted budget to the Annual Meeting of the Association for its information.

Section 4 – He shall, at each annual meeting, give a correct amount of his receipts and disbursements, and at the expiration of his term in office, he shall deliver to his successor all moneys, books, paper, or other property that may be in his possession or under his control as Secretary/Treasurer. He shall have the custody of the Official Seal and Affix it to all official communications, notify Members of the Association of annual and special meetings and perform such other duties pertaining to his office as may be required.

Section 5 – The Secretary/Treasurer shall direct the Director General to prepare uniform credential forms and mail and/or email them to the member Shrine Temples in ample time for completion and presentation at all annual and special meetings of the Association.


Section 6 – He shall be compensated for his service an amount set by the Officers of the Association.

Article VIII
 Board of Directors

Section 1 – Board of Directors – The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers of the Association.

Section 2 – Quorum – Four (4) Directors shall constitute a quorum of the Board.

Section 3 – Meetings – The Board of Directors shall meet on call of the President, who shall be its chairman. He must call a meeting when requested by three (3) of the Directors. Meetings may be conducted in person, by telephone or other means of communication by which all parties may be connected and all comments and conclusions as well as a vote on any resolution may be heard and/or observed by all members.

Section 4 – Notice – The Secretary/Treasurer shall give not less than ten (10) days’ notice to each Director of the time and place of the meeting. Notice may be waived in writing prior to or subsequent to such a meeting.

Section 5 – Budgets – The First Vice President, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, shall prepare the proposed Association budget including the spring and fall meetings for the ensuing year. The Secretary/Treasurer in conjunction with the Board of Directors shall prepare an operating budget for the upcoming year. The Board shall:

Report or cause to be reported to the Representatives of the Association at the appropriated stated meeting of the Association any proposals, for amendments to the departures from the budgets and the reasons therefore, all changes to the budges shall be subject to the approval of the Representatives; and

Cause copies of the complete budget for the succeeding year to be made available upon request to each Shrine Temple and Board member at least sever (7) days prior to the meeting at which it shall be considered. The proposed budget shall be in detail and in accordance with the Uniform Chart of the Accounts prescribed by Shriners International together with the amount budgeted for the preceding year.

Section 6- Multiple Budgets – The Board of Directors shall provide an operating budget for the spring and annual meetings and impose other conditions for the management of its financial affairs.

Section 7 – Contracts – The Board of Directors shall approve all contracts entered by the Association with the same being approved by legal committee as outlined in Article VII; however, council’s review shall be for purposed of legal and policy sufficiency. Upon approval of the Board of Directors all such contracts shall be presented to the representatives for their approval.

Section 8 – Unauthorized Acts – Except as specifically provided by the bylaws or resolution of the Board of Directors, no Shrine Temple, Unit Association, Shrine Club, group of persons, or person has the authority, express or implied, to act as the agent of, to act on behalf of, or by his act or omission to obligate or bind the association to any contract, obligation or commitment or behalf of the Association.

Article IX
Uniformed Bodies

Section 1 – The various Uniformed Units of the Member Temples may, in accordance with the bylaws of Shriners International, organize Associations for providing entertainment for the members at the Annual Meeting, and to encourage and promote the principals of Shrinedom.

Section 2 – Upon the formation of an Association of Uniform Units, that Association shall present a copy of its bylaws, or rules and regulations, to the President of the Association for review, and if found in order they shall be forwarded to the SASA officers for their approval. Amendments hereto shall require the same review and approval.

Section 3 – The Uniform Units shall report their officers who have been elected at the annual meeting to the Secretary/Treasurer with thirty (30) days of said election. They shall annually file a financial report with the Finance and Audit Committee as prescribed by Shriners International.

Section 4 – The Uniform Units shall coordinate their meetings in the spring and fall to be held in conjunction with the dates approved by the Time and Place Committee for SASA. A waiver may be submitted to the President for consideration of Uniform Units to meet any other time if they cannot comply with this section.

Article X
Annual Meeting

Section 1 – Registration Fee – The Registration Fee for each Noble shall be paid to the Director General before September 1st for the Annual Meeting and before March 1st for the Spring meeting. A fee is not required for the Ladies and Children of Nobles and an identification badge shall be furnished upon request. The Potentates of member Shrine Temples shall be responsible for ensuring that the registration fee is paid for all Shriners under their jurisdiction attending the spring and annual meetings of the Association.

Section 2 – Parade Order – The Shrine Temple of the President of the Association shall be first in the parade lineup. The remaining lineup shall be determined by lot and conducted by the Director General at the previous Spring Meeting.

Section 3 – Rooms – The Potentates of SASA Member Temples shall be responsible for choosing the number of rooms and hotels or motels for their Temple at the Annual Meeting.

Section 4 – The President of SASA shall select the headquarters hotel or motel for the spring and annual meetings.

Article XI

Section 1 – The annual dues for each Member Shrine Temple in the Association shall be Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) due and payable prior to the Spring Meeting.

Article XII
Seal of the Association

Section 1 – The Seal of the Association shall be round, two inches in diameter, with the Association emblem in the center, and around the edges between two (2) concentric circles the words, "South Atlantic Shrine Association".

Article XIII

Section 1 – Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted in writing and filed with the Secretary/Treasurer at least thirty (30) days prior to any meeting of the Association. Notice of any proposed amendments shall be included in the summons to Recorders of Member Shrine Temples for that meeting. Any such amendment may be adopted by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Representatives present and voting.

Section 2 – Proposed amendments may be modified while under consideration at any meeting. Modifications must be germane to the subject. The entire section to be amended must be fully written out, as it will be read with the proposed amendment including therein.


These bylaws of the South Atlantic Shrine Association were approved this 23rd Day of March 2018 at its annual meeting.







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