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The South Atlantic Shrine Association

The S.A.S.A. Spring Minutes - March 29, 2014



Minutes of the Spring Meeting

March 29, 2014 – 9:30 am

Kazim Temple, Roanoke, VA


President Donald Ratliff (Kazim) called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting of the South Atlantic Shrine Association. Ratliff called on Director General Don Hansen to conduct the meeting. The Kazim Color Guard advanced the colors and the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance was given. The invocation was given by Kazim Potentate and Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Virginia John Chambliss, Jr.

Potentate Chambliss was introduce and officially welcomed everyone to Roanoke.
The following officers of SASA were introduced:

Secretary/Treasurer Noble W. Calvin Gaddy (Oasis)

5th Vice President Gregory C. Diffenderfer, PP (Jericho)

4th Vice President Steve Norris, PP (Sudan)

3rd Vice President Stephen G. Tucker, Potentate (Jamil)

2nd Vice President George M. “Mike” Mathews, PP (Rizpah)

1st Vice President Edward L. Everhart, PP (Kerbela)

President Donald R. Ratliff, PP (Kazim)

Imperial Officers attending and introduced were:

Past Imperial Potentate Douglas E. Maxwell, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Shriners Hospitals (Moolah)

Deputy Imperial Potentate Dale W. Strauss (Kem)

Imperial Potentate John A. Cinotto (Murat)


A motion was made and duly seconded and carried to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting. Secretary/Treasurer Gaddy call the roll of the Representatives, he establish that there was a corium present.

The Finance & Audit Committee report was given by Past Potentate Bill Harward (Oasis), he noted that he had gone over the books and had found all in order, that he had filed the 990 with IRS.

Secretary/Treasurer Gaddy gave the finance report and follows: at the beginning of the year, October 1st the association had $117,154.41 on deposit with Wells Fargo Bank, checks had been written since the in the amount of $8,007.35, deposits to the checking account in the amount of $45,847.78 which included monies from the Fall Festival in Myrtle Beach and dues from the 18 member Temples, giving a balance of $159,716.88 as of February 29, 2014.

Gaddy gave the Membership Committee report noting that the association had a decline in membership of 4.13 percent. That two of the eighteen Temples had a gain, Beni Kedem with a 1.02 percent increase and Rizpah with a .08 percent gain.
Ill. Sir Frank McAllister, Chairman of the Credential Committee reported that there were 122 Nobles registered for this meeting.
1st Vice President Edward Everhart, Chairman of the Time & Place Committee reported the following times and places of future meetings:
2014 Fall Myrtle Beach, SC Sept. 18-21
2015 Spring Pigeon Forge, TN March 27-28
2015 Fall Myrtle Beach, SC Sept. 17-19
2016 Spring Nashville, TN March 18-19
2016 Fall Myrtle Beach, SC Sept. 22-24
It was noted that the spring date for 2015 had changed to get a better rate and more accommodations for that meeting. A motion was made, duly seconded and carried to approve the report of the Time & Place Committee.
Ill Sir Ray Fields, PP, Chairman of the Nominating Committee reported that the committee had received a resolution on behalf of Ill. Sir Douglas K. Stainaker of Nemesis Temple which endorsed his candidacy for 5th Vice President in September by the Nemesis Temple Divan and membership. This was read for information only.
Ill. Sir Kenneth G. “Kenny” Craven (Omar) was introduced and spoke in behalf of his candidacy for Imperial Outer Guard.
Drawing for the Fall Festival Parade positions were drawn and are as follows:
1st - Kazim
2nd - Oasis
3rd - Sudan
4th - Amran
5th - Oleika
6th - El Hasa
7th - Hejaz
8th - Jericho
9th Nemesis
10th - Khedive
11th - ACCA
12th - Jamil
13th - Omar
14th - Rizpah
15th - Kerbela
16th - Beni Kedem
17th - Alee
18th - Kosair
Past Imperial Potentate Douglas Maxwell gave a report updating the operation of Shriners Hospitals and progress building underway.
Deputy Imperial Potentate Dale Strauss along with Past Potentate Sam Montgomery of the Imperial Membership Committee gave a report on membership with suggestions of how to stop the membership decrease. He also reported that the per capita tax needed to be increase because of the decline in membership and increase in expenses, income this year will be 5 million and expenses will be 6 million. The proposal for the increase in the per capita tax is $12.00 per year which would bring it to $27.00 per year. This along with the $5.00 hospital assessment would be added to the amount of the local Temple dues.
Imperial Potentate John Cinotto reported that the Imperial Public Relations has terminated its agreement with Leo Burnett and chosen Edge Direct to replace them. That a campaign similar to that of St. Jude Children’s Hospital was going to be tried. There will be two videos aired on a limited market requesting $19 per month for Shriners Hospitals. He reported on attending the Conference of Grand Masters which had 362 in attendance, his message was that Shriners are part to the Masonic family.
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
W. Calvin Gaddy
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