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The South Atlantic Shrine Association

The S.A.S.A. Spring Minutes - March 28, 2015



Minutes of the Spring Meeting

March 28, 2015 – 9:30 am

MainStay Suites Hotel – Pigeon Forge, TN


Secretary/Treasurer Director General Brian Johnson, PP (Kerbela) called the meeting to order and welcomed those in attendance to Pigeon Forge and the Spring Meeting of the South Atlantic Shrine Association. Johnson called on the Kerbela Legion of Honor to advance and post the colors which was followed by the Shrine Pledge of Allegiance. Noble Chaplain Carl Vandiver gave the invocation.

Director General Johnson recognized those unit associations’ officers in attendance. He also recognized Noble Keith Stike Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina.
Next Johnson introduced Ill. Sir Edward L. Everhart, PP, President of SASA. Everhart introduced Pigeon Forge Mayor David Ware who welcomed those Nobles present to the city. He thanked the Shriners for what they do, noting that his children when ask knew who they are.
Ill. Sir Larry G. Hubbs welcomed the SASA representatives to Kerbela’s jurisdiction.
President Everhart introduced the following SASA officers: Noble Calvin Gaddy, Secretary/Treasurer (Oasis); Ill. Sir Gregory Diffenderfer, PP, 4th Vice President (Jericho); Ill. Sir Steve Norris, PP, 3rd Vice President (Sudan); Ill. Sir Steve Tucker, PP, 2nd Vice President (Jamil); Ill. Sir Mike Mathews, PP, 1st Vice President (Rizpah).
Everhart introduced those Imperial Officers present as follows: Imp. Sir Douglas E. Maxwell, PIP, and Chairman, Shriners Hospitals for Children (Moolah); Imp. Sir Kenneth G. “Kenny” Craven, Imperial Outer Guard (Omar); Imp. Sir William S. “Bill” Bailey, Imperial Marshal (Orak); and Imp. Sir Dale W. Stauss, Imperial Potentate (Kem).
Secretary/Treasurer Noble Calvin Gaddy was called on for the roll call; all Temples answered the roll call with the exception of Beni Kedem. A motion was made, seconded and carried to dispense with the reading of the previous meetings minutes.
Ill. Sir Mike Mathews, Chairman of the Time & Place committee reported future meetings as follows:
2015 Fall Festival Myrtle Beach, SC Sept. 17-19
2016 Spring Meeting Nashville, TN March 17-19
Fall Festival Myrtle Beach, SC Sept. 15-17
2017 Spring Meeting Columbia, SC March 31 – Apr 1
Fall Festival Myrtle Beach Sept. 21-23
2018 Spring Meeting New Bern, NC March 23-24
Fall Festival Myrtle Beach TBA
A motion was duly made, seconded and past to approve the Time & Place report.
Noble Gaddy made his financial report noting that at on October 1, 2014, the beginning of SASA’s year, funds in Wells Fargo, checking, $95,087.84, savings, $55.739.52 for a total of $150.827.36. Checks having been written since the beginning of the year total $11,613.69. Deposits to the checking account, including interest, were $59,885.15. Interest on the savings account in the amount was $18.42. As of February 28, 2015 the total of all accounts were $194,967.85.
A motion was made, duly seconded and carried to accept the financial report.
Gaddy made a membership report noting that the association lost 2336 members during the past year. There was only one Temple with a gain which was Jamil with a +11. The total membership of the association as of January 1, 2015 is 39217. The total of associate members is 503.
Gaddy reported that Kosair Temple Divan and membership has recommended Ill. Sir Dave Juergens, PP to the Nominating Committee as 5th Vice President for the ensuing year. The election will take place at the fall business meeting.
Director General Ill. Sir Brian Johnson, PP reported that we had 186 Nobles registered for the meeting. It was noted that the Membership Seminar held yesterday was very successful with 155 Nobles in attendance.
Imperial Sir Douglas Maxwell, PIP, Chairman of Shriners Hospitals for Children reported on the status of the hospitals. He noted the change in overnight patients which will require fewer rooms in our hospitals in the future. With the economy picking up he noted that the finances of the hospitals have improved.
Candidates for Imperial Outer Guard were introduced for comments regarding their candidacy.
In attendance to make comments were Ill. Sir Ed Stolze, PP of El Zaribah Temple and Ill. Sir Richard Burke, PP of Yaarab Temple. Candidates for Board of Trustees, Shriners Hospitals for Children speaking in behalf of their candidacy were Ill. Sir Chuck Pittman, PP of Yaarab and Ill. Sir Kevin Costello, PP of Cyprus Temple.
Noble Buddy Ellis 2015 Parade Marshal, assisted by Assistant to Parade Marshal Ill. Sir Bob Gray, PP and Past President held the drawing for parade position for the Fall Festival. The positions are as follows:
ACCA – 15th Alee – 17th Amran – 9th
Beni Kedem – 18 El Hasa – 16th Hejaz – 14th
Jamil – 8th Jericho – 12th Kazim – 3rd
Kerbela – 1st Khedive – 13th Kosair – 2nd
Nemesis – 4th Oasis – 11th Oleika – 6th
Omar – 10th Rizpah – 5th Sudan – 7th
President Everhart introduced Imperial Potentate Dale Stauss for his address to the representatives present. The topic of real interest was the proposed legislation on increasing the per capita tax. Presently the tax is $15.00 per Noble; the proposal is to increase this to $30.00. Imp. Sir Stauss noted the need to meet expenses incurred to operate the fraternity and that we are getting very close to not being able to meet budget. A discussion followed with questions, answers and suggestions from the floor.
The agenda having been met, the spring business meeting was adjourned followed by Counterparts Meetings.
Respectfully submitted,
W. Calvin Gaddy
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